Accent AW16

Urban cowboys, the Alternative Miss World, trapeze artists and a trans opera diva.

In this issue:

Accent’s AW16 issue is dedicated to life’s entertainers — and those who set the stage. Two limited-edition covers feature two bright stars: Lucia Lucas, a transgender opera diva, and Andrew Logan, the eccentric artist and founder of the Alternative Miss World

Accent is a celebration of lives lived outside the ordinary — the free-spirits, the radicals and the beautiful misfits of this world 

Meet the cover stars

Andrew Logan — a true English eccentric and the founder of the Alternative Miss World

Lucia Lucas
A transgender opera diva, activist and pioneering female baritone

Life inside the single-room dwellings of Havana, Cuba

Circus Chimera: lure and legend 

A decade on the road with a travelling one-ring American circus


Alternative Miss World

Divine co-hosting in a circus tent, David Hockney on the judging panel — looking back on four decades of the legendary dress-up pageant


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— A dance craze born on the streets of South Africa’s townships