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  Tarot readers, dommes, activists, Buddhist monks, witches, cowboy artists & Mykki Blanco

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Issue 3 features cover star Kodo Nishimura, the Buddhist monk and make-up artist who serves spirituality with fashion. Also in the issue — messages from New York’s young activists, the lives and loves of Toronto’s Dominatrices, a guide to the tarot by mystic Shy Charles, lessons in fatherhood by black dads in London and the story of how Ion Barladeanu went from down-and-out in Bucharest to world famous

Vogue dancer ALEX MUGLER
Photographed by AXEL MORIN with styling by SIMON PYLYSER 

Accent is a celebration of lives lived outside the ordinary — the free-spirits, the radicals and the beautiful misfits of this world 

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It’s Saturday night in Kemptown, Brighton, and Mykki Blanco, a 6ft 2in 31-year-old rapper wearing a pastel blue corset, is sitting in the backroom of a chapel. The church’s foyer is filled with a crowd of mostly queer and gender-queer people. Soon Mykki will burst on stage, wearing his trademark wig, and rap about the loneliness of being a HIV-positive man with a drag aesthetic who is grappling with the expectations of black masculinity. But before that he pours himself a Jack Daniel’s — and holds forth about the world according to Mykki Blanco . . .

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As FEATURED in Issue 3